The OPPO A15 Price & Features


The Oppo A15 mobile phone from Motorola is one of the latest handsets from the American company that offers many multimedia features for the affordable price. In terms of camera, it has a model that comes equipped with Sony’s Exmor P and Carl Zeiss lens. The handset also supports OGG noise reduction technology, which is capable of reducing mobile phone users’ background sounds. There is also an FM radio receiver, music player and voice call receiver with this phone. Users have the choice to customize the settings of their mobile phones with additional features like the messaging system, the calling applications and the Web browser.

The Oppo A15 has a built-in Quick Charge system that can offer users up to six hours of talk time on a single charge. This high capacity battery helps to conserve power when the user is in a rush to complete a task. The phone has a large battery, which offers up to nineteen hours of talk time on the average. It features a high density antenna, larger than the ones found in the iPhone and HTC Evoices. OPPO A15

Another unique feature of the Oppo A15 Android smartphone is its preview mode. This allows the user to view the entire handset in its entirety before purchasing it. Even users who have already bought the handset are able to view the preview before buying it. This feature helps users to get a better feel of how the device looks and functions.

Users can also see full phone specs including the hardware, software, and operating system. Even though the Oppo A15 has some unique features, it does not compare to the iPhone or HTC Evoices in terms of screen size and resolution. However, it does come close to equaling the Android phones released in October of last year. For those looking for a phone with high quality performance, the OPPO A15 might be a good choice. The device is also equipped with a media rich platform allowing users to download music and videos.

Despite its small size, the OPPO A15 packs quite a punch. The phone comes with an internal memory which is expandable via microSD. The phone also offers users the ability to upload images or videos taken with their digital camera or other gadgets. To top it all, the OPPO A15 has a Full HD screen which makes it possible for users to enjoy movies and videos.

The OPPO A15 has all the features one would look for in a top end mobile phone. If you’re planning to buy one, the best thing to do is go for a promotional offer. With a promo price of $100 or more, the OPPO A series is quite inexpensive when compared to other high-end handsets. Even though the OPPO A series is already up for sale at a cheap price, it’s not too late to grab one for yourself. You can check out the OPPO A series over the Internet or from your nearest shopping mall.

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